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Portishead // Wandering Star
(LIVE recording at Studio 104)

Martin Parr, Somerset, 1988

Martin Parr, Somerset, 1988

Werner Herzog directing and arranging kittens on Isabelle Adjani’s lap 
(from Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht) 2014/08/19

I saw Portishead live, I ate some snails, now I’m tired and I miss my cat.

Diana (at Jardin des Tuileries) 2014/08/18

Michael Haneke made his first feature film when he was almost fifty - I think about this often.


Things that matter right now:
-vacation in 3 days
-Legend of Korra

Things that don’t:


On this view, the concept of human nature is simply a way of keeping us politically in our place. It suggests that human beings are feeble, corrupt, self-interested creatures; that this remains unaltered throughout history; and that it is the rock on which any attempt at radical change will come to grief. ”You can’t change human nature” is one of the most common objections to revolutionary politics. Against this, some Marxists have insisted that there is no unchanging core to human beings. In their opinion, it is our history, not our nature, that makes us what we are; and since history is all about change, we can transform ourselves by altering our historical conditions.

from Why Marx was right? by Terry Eagleton


There’s actually an odd correlation between these ideas: poetry is either inadequate, even immoral, in the face of human suffering, or it’s unprofitable, hence useless. Either way, poets are advised to hang our heads or fold our tents. Yet in fact, throughout the world, transfusions of poetic language can and do quite literally keep bodies and souls together—and more.

from A Human Eye by Adrienne Rich